Family Finder is Online

Did you notice that this year’s conference is having an online Family Finder? Instead of receiving a printed book when you register at the conference, we have put all the Family Finder data online.

What does that mean? It means you can search the Family Finder well in advance of the conference, contact the people you want to contact, and even arrange to meet them at the conference. No more need to scrounge through the material the night before the conference and then scramble all week to find someone you might be related to.

So if you’re registered, go ahead and search for matches. If you’re not registered, now is a good time to do so. If you didn’t enter your family names, get on that so people can find you. And if you made any spelling errors, you can fix them now. (There are a few in there.) The Family Finder will be updated a couple more times before the conference begins, once more during or just after the conference (to be sure we include late registrations), and then not again until next year’s conference is ready to replace the data with their attendees.

Only registered attendees can log in to the Family Finder and send messages to other attendees. You should have recently received an email with your login password again; it’s the same one as your registration.

So head on over to the conference Family Finder and maybe find some potential cousins.