World War One Stories

WW1 2nd Infantry Division Memorial, Washington DC

WW1 2nd Infantry Division Memorial, Washington DC

One hundred years ago, the second day of our conference, marks the outbreak of World War One. The anniversary of the “War to End all Wars” will be a major focus of our conference, with sessions exploring how the War impacted the lives of our ancestors.

The War didn’t just start out of nowhere. There were a lot of events that brought it about. Mental Floss has been blogging about it for over two years. Their WW1 Centennial series tells the story of how the world arrived at the Great War, beginning with a peace treaty in November 1911. Start at the beginning, The Treaty of Berlin, or visit the main page of the series to read the most recent entries or choose those that interest you.

But there is more to the war than those major events. There are stories about individuals and families, what they experienced and how they endured.

You are the keepers of your family history. Did your ancestors fight in the War? Were they living in Europe or had they immigrated to the US or elsewhere? Did they participate in the War effort or try to evade involvement? Were families separated by oceans in the process of immigrating?

This is where we are asking for your help. We want you to share your stories and photos with us, to be gathered into a larger collection that we will publish online and share at the conference. Once you’ve registered for the conference, either as an in-person attendee or for LIVE!, you will receive login information. Log in and you will see an option to upload your story along with up to three photos. (If you have more, please email us; the web site can only accept one story and three photos per person.)

We look forward to reading more about our history from you.